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Iceberg Analytics - Integration, Mobility, Autopilot

In the composition of the Iceberg Analytics includes modules: Iceberg KPI, Iceberg BI, Iceberg CRM, Iceberg MDM, Iceberg Server - all modules work as a single integrated web application available on all devices: MS Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

All in One – the unified system of sales management

The efficiency researches of companies showed that sales managers have to spend a lot of time to collect and analyze scattered sales information from a variety of sources. Then, data has to be processed in Excel to prepare relevant reports.
Iceberg Analytics completely solves this problem. Now managers have released over half of their working time, that can be directed towards solving issues of increasing sales and reducing costs, instead of preparation of operation reports.

Iceberg Mobile – always on

Managers of the companies spend a lot of time outside their stationary workplace: at conferences, negotiations, in fields, on business trips, on the road.
Iceberg Analytics will always provide necessary information to assess the current situation and make the right decisions according to the current location of the manager.

Full data integration

With Iceberg Analytics, all company’s data is based on the common reference books and integrated into unified storage. Reference books, as well as storages, consist of a fully reliable data and relevant information.
The system tracks a lot of events using online mode and immediately reports to officials in charge about necessity to make corrections that allows significantly reduce costs and losses in sales.
Also, Iceberg Analytics provides information on the new opportunities online and contributes to the growth of sales of the company in each channel of sales.

Analysis of data in Autopilot mode

A serious analysis of continuously incoming information is becoming increasingly difficult. Modern BI systems cannot help in solving these problems because they are all focused on manual analysis of data analyst.
In the modern world, such a decision becomes ineffective and does not allow the company to fully enjoy competitive advantages in fast changing markets.
The only way out is applying the methods of machine analysis of the received data and preparation of information on their basis for decision-making at all levels.
Iceberg Analytics is built on this ideology.

Unique methods of sales management

Besides software resources, Iceberg Analytics provides modern methods of the effective business management on B2C markets as well. Also, Iceberg Analytics has a large number of statistical information about primary consumer markets that makes this system unique in its class.