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From the strategy to everyday operations. All purposes are balanced to achieve success of the company. Flexible planning guaranty your leadership on the market.


To be better than competitors on execution stage is the main purpose of the company. The best products in their categories, best promotional activities, best sales to final consumers with support of Iceberg Analytics appear at all stages of products' progression on the market.


Iceberg Analytics controls business processes of the company, detects and rapidly notifies about negative signals. The managers of the company work as an effective team, so the shareholders can be sure in their secure future with Iceberg Analytics.

All About your sales

Planning, Budgeting, Analysis Plan/Fact, Information panels for all staff from General Director to Sales Representative, Effective Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Mobile access.

Iceberg Analytics

Iceberg Analytics contents data from all available informative sources and represents it in unified format for further analysis and sales managing. First, it is data of primary and secondary sales, off-take retail outlets, information about the market, field reports, commercial expenses, financial sales outputs, planned and actual values, more than 150 indicators in sales analysis.

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Iceberg KPI

Iceberg Analytics allows to set up the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and configure the control panels for every member of the staff: General director, sales director, director of the retail chains, KAMs, regional and territorial representatives of the company, as well as field staff: supervisors, sales representatives, merchandisers, and auditors.

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Iceberg CRM

Today the large amount of data is not structured, at first this is related to the promotional activities data, commercial terms and contracts specifications, sensus outlet specification and their parameters, commercial expenses, and other important information. Iceberg CRM provides user-friendly interface that allows comfortably manipulate with this information.

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Iceberg BI

Iceberg BI is an instrument for the company analysts. All the typical analysis methods are already set up in the system, and many of them are fully automized and do not need manual settings. All these functions increase the overall analysis performance in several times and the quality of analysis is much higher than while working with traditional manual BI systems.

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Iceberg MDM

The built-in module of Master Data Management (MDM) allows to clear and structure information from a number of independent sources and put it in order applicable for cooperative system use. This guarantees successful use of BI module while working with more than fifteen sources of different information.

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Iceberg Server

Iceberg Server is designed for storing and providing an access for the large amount of data, the system response for users inquiries is 1-2 seconds at any time frames and any depth of analytic level. It makes it possible because of special storing resources and processing of the large amount of the information typical for the companies of the B2C sector.

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